Hotel Termal Burgo de Osma. Remarkable Building. Unremarkable Hotel

This is an amazing building that is well worth a visit. Built around an old university, the building is respectful to the magnificently detailed stone structure but at the same time is modern, airy, and stylish. The glass dome at the center of the quadrangle that covers the underground spa. The building is a triumph of architecture and interior design.

The rooms continue the innovative mix of the old and the new.

The underground pool area, which is free to guests, is very impressive.

But Hotel Termal is a very good illustration of the difference between a great building and a great hotel. The service is terrible. The staff, if you can find them, are surly and unhelpful. One gets the impression that they would prefer if you simply went away and judging from the largely empty cafe and restaurant, it seems most guests have.

If facing grumpy staff does not start your day badly, the breakfast buffet will surely disappoint. The food in the café is embarrassingly poor and seriously overpriced.

Luxury and comfort is about more than designer furniture, stylish lighting, and nice sheets. It's about a feeling. And a stay at this hotel will not make you feel special.

If you are in Burgo de Osma you must come to see the building. But, if you manage to find a waiter, just have a coffee or a beer while you admire it. Resist the temptation to stay.


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