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Delicious Library 2

Delicious Library is a really great product for Mac users. It is a library application that allows books, DVDs, CDs and the like to be cataloged using their bar code numbers. The really cool part is that if you have a webcam you can just show the application the barcode and it will do the rest. After it reads the barcode, it downloads track listings, author details, and cover art, and what not. I felt very cheated that I was expected to pay to upgrade from version 1 to Version 2. I'm sure Version 2 is great. But I don't want to pay again for something I already bought.

Canceled my SkyTV Subscription

I finally canceled Sky today. In fairness the service is excellent and is good value. But Sky pissed me off just one time too many. I have been angry at Sky ever since the data privacy fiasco when the company wrote to all its Irish customers telling them it had changed the privacy policy and would be selling on customer details after all. This morning I got a letter saying that I was going to have to pay 75c extra per month because I was paying by credit card instead of direct debit. That kind of pettiness really annoys me. Americans have a great term for it. It's called "nickel and diming". Sky was keen to keep me. I was offered a 10% discount for the next 6 months. That more than makes up for the 75c. But I was pissed off. So now I have 31 days of Sky TV left. I wonder what programs I'll miss?