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Bus Muppets

I was on the bus the other day and it passed a number of people waiting at a bus stop because the driver believed the bus was full. The bus wasn't full. In fact, there were even seats but this was a reasonable conclusion for him to come to because there was a big crowd of people bunched up the front. I guess some people prefer to stand. But why don't they stand then at the back so that more people can get on the bus.

The Other Billion

As if my day hadn't been multi-cultural enough, I went to a Brazilian bash tonight. It was the drinking tail-end of a capoeira weekend. It was great fun. The DJ was good. The live music was superb, and the dancing was fantastic. As if my re-integration weren't tough enough, the people working behind the bar were Spanish. I found myself worrying about whether Heineken is masculine or feminine. Heineken sounds masculine, but ceverza is definitely feminine. Is it un pinto or una pinta? I went with pinta. Brazilian parties are not where married men go to avoid temptation, but I wore my wedding ring on one hand and my super gay watch on the other. I made it home safely, but not before concluding that, more or less, the entire population of Brazil is going straight to hell. And I successfully deferred the decision to join them.

Onam Festival

I went to a dinner today in Bishopstown GAA as part of the Onam Festival organized by some members of the Indian community of Cork. The food was tasty and good fun. It was vegetarian because some Hindus are vegetarian. I thought it would be very hot but it wasn't. The flavours were wonderful. Thankfully our hosts organized forks for my buddy and me. The deputy mayor was the guest of honour and he was a bit late. That meant there was a bit of waiting. I was looking forward to the dancing but left before it started. I met some very nice people. All of my Indian friends have left Cork now. I'd forgotten how welcoming, hospitable, and kind Indians are. I know it's a bit much to draw conclusions about one billion people based on having met only a few of them. But I don't care.