The Other Billion

As if my day hadn't been multi-cultural enough, I went to a Brazilian bash tonight. It was the drinking tail-end of a capoeira weekend. It was great fun. The DJ was good. The live music was superb, and the dancing was fantastic.

As if my re-integration weren't tough enough, the people working behind the bar were Spanish. I found myself worrying about whether Heineken is masculine or feminine. Heineken sounds masculine, but ceverza is definitely feminine. Is it un pinto or una pinta? I went with pinta.

Brazilian parties are not where married men go to avoid temptation, but I wore my wedding ring on one hand and my super gay watch on the other. I made it home safely, but not before concluding that, more or less, the entire population of Brazil is going straight to hell. And I successfully deferred the decision to join them.


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