Bye Bye Eircom

My Eircom broadband will be disconnected in the next 24 hours. The company made the classic mistake that large incumbent near-monopoly operators make : denial. For almost two weeks I had problems with my internet service. I concluded it was an issue with the name servers. I went several times to the Eircom website to see if it was a known issue but there was nothing there. When I eventually read about the problem it was in the Irish Times. I continued to have problems but the Eircom website insisted that although there had been a problem it had since been resolved.

When I contacted Eircom to find out how to have my service disconnected (there's no easy way to find this information) I got a form response telling me that all was well, but telling me none of the things I asked for.

When I eventually spoke to someone today I got the expected "not our fault" attitude. That was a mistake. "Eircom is very very sorry" was the only appropriate stance to take. At various stages over the past few weeks Eircom could have taken corrective action that might have resulted in my not quitting the company. Only some of Eircom's staff were working on stopping the cache poisoning attack. What were the others doing? They could have been contacting customers explaining what was going on, apologizing, and offering refunds. Despite repeated requests to Eircom to stop calling me to tell me about their fantastic offers, I still get calls. Except the one time I actually wanted one.

Small companies need to get new customers to succeed. For a big company like Eircom success is all about keeping the customers it has.


Anonymous said…
well my advice to you is to join chorous they have 20mb unlimited for 42 yoyo's a month and they are well worth it in my view never a hassle they did call me once about getting phone i asked them to stop they called again and i said i told the last lady i did not want calls got an apology and it never happened again

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