Ella Elle L'a is No.1 in Spain

I am both happy and sad that Ella Elle L'a is No.1 in Spain. I am a big fan of the original France Gall version from her album Babacar. I think it is one of the greatest pop songs of all time. It is also one of the few French songs that have been popular in the English speaking world (Voyage Voyage, and Joe Le Taxi come to mind).

That this tarted up dance beat cover by Kate Ryan has made it to the top is interesting. It proves that you can force something to be a hit if you play it often enough. While the Baila Chikki Chikki EuroVision song promised to be the ubiquitous summer hit this year, interest waned very quickly after the contest itself. In addition this song was only available for sale on iTunes. This of course makes sense. The business of selling CDs has long since died in Spain. Members of the target market for a song like this probably don't even own CD players. And it's a long time since they paid for music in any format.

But if a dance remix of this classic Fench pop song about Ella Fitzgerald had to be made, couldn't they have used the original vocals by France Gall and given her the recognition and money she deserves.

Oh well.


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