Music Downloads

I noticed that the latest version of iTunes includes iCloud. I took the opportunity to download some tracks I had purchased over the past few years on different machines. Ironically the only full album I ever bought from the iTunes Music Store can't be downloaded because it's not available in the Ireland store anymore.

It's interesting how big corporations and content companies want a free market when it comes to them expanding into new territories, but when it suits them they like to do things country by country. Last christmas I got some free downloads as a result of making some CD purchases at But I had to actually go to France, to download them!

I bought the album back when iTunes Music Store used DRM. It will be interesting to see if iTunes will still authorize it for playback.

When will content owners realize that they should stop pissing off the people who are actually prepared to pay a fair price for their content. It seems they are determined to make me install file sharing software on my computer just so I can access the content I've already paid for.


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