Irish Pork Recall

All Irish Pork products have been recalled because of a dioxin safety scare. Confidence in beef is surely to be hit also. This will have a serious impact on these industries.

Ironically I have been finding it increasingly more difficult to actually buy Irish pork and beef. Whenever I go to the supermarket for ham for my sandwiches it takes me ages to figure out if the ham is actually from Ireland or not. Often there are no Irish ham slices at all. Of course many traditional Irish brands no longer use Irish meat preferring to source it in Brazil.

This places these faux-Irish brands in a well deserved position. By not coming clean on the product labels about where the meat is actually sourced, they will suffer the same fate as the Irish products at a time when they could be cleaning up because of the scare. Now the misleading Paddy's Irish Style Rashers and Sausages are suddenly less attractive than the more honest Paulo's Pork and Samba Sausage.

Aldi refuses to say where many of its products are from.

Anyway all bets are off as far as I'm concerned. There was the chicken scare some months back, and now this. The government should have strict controls on all parts of the food chain and people in the food business should know their supplies. I'm not going to pay twice the price anymore for Irish meat. I'll buy the cheap and cheerful meat from who knows where, and us the money I save to buy health insurance.


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